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Prove yourself to ….YOURSELF

Keep going if you have nothing to loose and if you have something to loose then just remember that you had what it takes to earn it.

In this forever racing world , people chasing after money , glory and happiness , in constant efforts to get ahead of others we all forgot what success meant . In fact there is no particular definition of success . We all miss conceptually consider being best in your field , school office etc. to be successful but I am puzzled how this can be a criteria for success.

The fish was incompetent for it can’t climb trees while the monkey was useless as it can’t swim. Nobody can do it all. Everybody excel in their own fields . If the air saddens that it can’t quench thirst like water and water whines for it can’t help you breathe , then are they meaningful to us ? The same for us . If we all are not the same , not having same interests , qualities and weaknesses then how can we compare with each other .

Now ya all must be thinking that okay we can’t compare different things but what about the same ones . My view is that instead of competing with each other why not compete with ourselves . If in a challenge one gives his best and stands first then he should be proud of himself not for defeating others but the previous version of himself . The last one should work hard but still be proud for not many were courageous enough to take the challenge .

If you want to beat someone’s score , beat your own score . Put your all in what you do if not for world , not for family , not for anyone but yourself . You are successful if you are growing …from what you were before. You are successful if you know, accept and learn from your mistakes , putting in effort to correct them. You are successful if you are yourself, not giving up in the hardest of situations.

So ultimately prove yourself not to the world but yourself .


Published by Sakshi Tiwari

This is Anshika and Sakshi (age 15) starting our blog related to a world we dream of making , the aspirations ,confusions , problems , questions and solutions of young minds like us .

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