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Not being fine ….is fine

A bit serious it sounds doesn’t it . Well if I am not wrong then all of us at some point , some incident , some memory …. break . It’s like ” I have had enough and I can’t do this anymore. ” Sounds familiar doesn’t it.

At this point everybody tells us , oh come on you are so young , you should be active and cheerful and not sitting sulking or depressed in a corner . So if I cut this advice short , they tell us , you haven’t got the right to feel sad or overwhelmed . Sounds unfair but isn’t this what all of us do nowadays.

Whenever we encounter a person who’s feeling down we try to calm them down by saying see you have got much more than many of us , you are getting food , clothing , shelter which is still aspired by thousands and lakhs of people . But my dear people by telling a person who’s already thinking of not being enough , being a burden to all ,that others haven’t got resources you have making it seem more useless . For I don’t know if there are over thinkers out there reading this (for I am one , so I get these emotions ) , if I am told this then I feel like ya exactly that’s what I was thinking , i should be more productive with these resources shouldn’t I , how useless i am ?

And I know it’s quite illogical but can’t have a filter for thoughts coming in mind , can we ? I ain’t saying that we shan’t be thankful but what I am saying is that if happiness and joy are emotions to be felt then sadness and despair are emotions too. If we encounter happiness then we have to encounter sad moments too.

The importance of light won’t exist without existence of darkness . There will be nothing called as truth in absence of lies . There is nothing good if nothing’s bad . There is nothing positive if negatives disappear.

Therefore , next time whenever you or your loved ones feel sad, don’t remind them of misery of others . Tell them it’s fine for once to stop running behind everything , take a breathe and then move ahead without looking back . Not acknowledging the problem won’t make it go away similarly not considering being depressed as an emotion won’t make you feel it any less .

Hence considering that you are fine when you are not , won’t make it any better.So ya



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