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Good bye 2019

Just a day left for the year 2019 to end . Like every year this year too gave us all memories. Each memory a unique one , some happy , some sad , some of mistakes ,joy , relief , fear and what not but ultimately it’s the time to bid farewell to the year . Irrespective of which kind of memories or lessons we got lets try to keep the treasured ones safe and focus on juicing out fruitful lessons from bitter ones , learning from mistakes and trying to let go of guilt or regrets , for regret never lets you go back in time to change anything , it just eats us up from inside but learning from it is what nutrition for soul.

Lets keep the hope bright , expecting an even brighter year 2020 . Lets keep looking out for more memories and lessons and never stop growing .

“I can’t go back to yesterday because I was a different person then .”

– Lewis Carroll , Alice in Wonderland
farewell 2019


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