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A new start , A new year ….

Happy new year ! A sweet ending to a new beginning ♪.

Lol ! Happy New Year ★…..

May this year be one of the best years of your life . May you have the courage to face the toughest and conquer all you want . May you always have hope and peace . May you live life to the fullest and be so busy loving your life that there shall be no time for regrets, hate or fear.

Start by loving yourself and accepting yourself, stop getting worked up over things and people you can not change, it’s not worth your tears and headache but something you can always do is make yourself a better person and be grateful to what matters and makes you happy .

12 new chapters and 365 new chances. Its interesting how unpredictable life can be and it’s even more interesting to enjoy its serendipity.

Mr.Bean taught me one thing in life enjoy your own company instead of expecting someone else to make you happy .

Lots of love ……

Published by Sakshi Tiwari

This is Anshika and Sakshi (age 15) starting our blog related to a world we dream of making , the aspirations ,confusions , problems , questions and solutions of young minds like us .

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