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It’s All about PERSPECTIVE

How do you see it ?
 Some say life's hard
 Some say it's unfair 
 Some name it as an adventure 
 For some it is a journey 
 For others a thing to conquer
 But if ask me 
 It's a journey full of it all .

Perspective is how we view or think of a thing , a person or maybe a situation. A word or a sentence might have thousands of different meanings for each one of us . It’s just like the fact that if it’s night in my city , doesn’t me sun didn’t rise or exists only when I can see it . The sun exists , it makes some other place bright . It depends from where you see it .

Same is with life . Its from where you see it , how you see it . Every incident gives us choices as to how we perceive it . Even in some heartbreaking events of losing loved ones , its fine to be sad, to cry , to be full of sorrow and we have all rights to express it .But at the end, it’s up to us either we keep weeping our loss or pick ourselves up and treasure the happy memories made with the one who left.

If you fail at a task even after putting your all into it , it’s upto you to decide whether to hold on to failure than focussing on how you could improve or you can keep trying till you achieve success .

“Rain for some is the depressing cry of clouds , but for some it’s nature letting loose and having fun .”

At the end life is just life , it’s how you see it ….


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