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Pandemic taking away more than lives …

I have been busy dealing with a lot lately, with couple of drafts left to finish , but somehow I just can’t do it .

At the start of lockdown I felt “okay think positive , you have got so much time at home , all’s gonna be alright.” Well it was going great for a while but then my grandpa passed away ( he was not infected with corona) . That was just 5 days before my 16 th birthday .

Well he was not well for almost an year ,but still he wasn’t that bad , he was much better than last summer. The thing that crushed us was ,we all were at our homes , no office or school to hinder us but he lived in other state so we couldn’t even attend his last rites, I couldn’t see him for the last time and that regret is gonna follow me ,my whole life .

It was then that I realised that this pandemic was taking much more than lives . It is taking away those important moments from lives of thousands. In fact after grandpa’s death , the caretaker told that he was pretty fine a week or two ago but his condition deteriorated with the commencement of lockdown . It was like those walks he took in the park in evening , the continuous interactions with neighbours , the hustle and bustle of regular life , the normality of daily life had kept my 87 year old grandpa alive . And suddenly when he was deprived of this normality , he felt agiated and left the world.

This post doesn’t mean that lockdown in not positive or bad , in fact I wrote it again as a reminder , showing the pains of this cruel time . It is affecting all , it is torturing feelings and mind without even infecting . The only way to defeat it as soon as possible is to follow the rules as strictly as possible .

Now that I know what chaos has the pandemic plunged the world into , not only death by infection but the captured mind , mental health , fear and seperation , I don’t want others to go through the horrified feelings as I did ….. I want all of it to end as soon as possible , the only way being even more cautious ….


9 thoughts on “Pandemic taking away more than lives …

  1. sorry for your loss,but your point of view is absolutely correct.The lockdown has pros and cons both,but personally i feel the lockdown was more than important though it should have been done after informing a couple of days prior so that everyone could be there with their families….stay safe and keep writing .Would love to see more of your work.

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  2. Sorry for your loss. Lets take a different view of this real quick. Unfortunately, the chaos of the world was already there. What the pandemic did was amplify the chaos. For you, its caused a very sad and difficult experience for you. The fact of the matter is regardless if you were able to attend or not you have the good memories you already have. It provided you a way to grieve by writing this article, as well. Im not saying any feelings are wrong, just helping you to see the positive that you made a choice to make out of a situation you are dealing with. Just the environment changed to pay your respects. Youre love for your grandfather cant be altered. Hang in there.

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    1. Thanks for that … I understand too . It’s just I and I guess everyone out there wants this to end soon so that less people suffer . Hope everyone out there stays safe and loved with their loved ones πŸ™‚β˜Ί. I am much better now though , seeing old albums and remembering fond memories

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      1. Thank you , good vibes recieved 😊😊
        Just went through a few of your posts and I can tell you are awesome and have got awesome ideas and thoughts , keep spreading love and sending lots of love to you too 😊😊

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  3. Hi Anshika, look out for my post later as I’ve nominated you for the Real Neat Blogger Award. I hope you’ll accept and participate cos it’s great being able to find out a bit more about our fellow bloggers. Caz x

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  4. Yes, happy moments like birthdays are limited because of social distancing, and sad moments like last rites and funerals are being restricted as well. I saw an article that mentioned how some people are doing drive-by viewings, which would sound irreverent any other time. Now, they are a sobering reminder of how we’re struggling to find a balance between safety and connection.

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