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Career Tension ….

How do I explain this feeling. I can’t go back. Nor can I move on ….

Being a teenager I am often shoved in with the fact that I’m growing up and need to endeavour my plans on vicinity of the future. I am expected to have a perfect lifestyle by my parents. You know what I mean and mostly every person’s folks would fancy that. But sometimes when you just can not discern the climate of your mind ,it can be hellish stressful.

Personally I have not yet decided what I see myself working on and about in the future. And it scares me to the last strand of hair on my body that how can they ask it so casually. It’s not like I’m sitting in a restaurant with an exquisite menu in my hand and am asked to choose want I wish to eat. No. No. No. It’s probably something that I’d end up doing all my life. Offcourse none can interpret the end but you are supposed to live on ,right? If I’m already perplexed, can say have no dreams than how can I just pick the correct option. Like ok I don’t know the answer of this multiple choice question so …one …two … three…four…hmmm let me choose option 3 because it seems relevant and has one fourth a probability of being accurate anyways.

That’s not even the worst part you know why because once in their whole life an indian child has to be asked if he wants to be a doctor or an engineer. Literally the career options in the minds of Indian people are like set on default mode at doctor and engineer. No one even wants to see the world beyond that, lol! Whilst if you want to take other activities like sports, arts, music, acting and all kinds of stuff as a career than most people are not supported by their families because according to them there is no future in those kind of things, too much competition you see. Oh yeah, and what about like those 50 thousand doctors and 10 lakh engineers that graduate from collages every year and much fewer people get any jobs. Many students themselves are afraid to pursue career paths different than those related to studies because since childhood they are fed that you’ll end up nowhere like that and thus are afraid of failure.

Me and my friend Anshika have faced choosing a career quite challenging. Sometimes I literally feel like I’m useless and letdown everyone. Especially when relatives come home and enquire about what I want to be, me sitting in a corner with a poker face saying I haven’t decided yet while there kids plan to be scientists and lawyers and what not. It’s awesome if they know what they need to focus upon but leave me alone for goodness sake. I’m not like them and I don’t want to be like anyone because I am my own person.

I’m just going on every day on the path of an unknown destination. It makes me anxious it really does. I wrote all of this to take some load off of my mind because people won’t judge me here for being awkward and careless and clumsy and lost. If you read till here then thanks a lot for listening to my nonsense 😊 it means a lot. Love you.

So what does your path to career success look like ???
But I know I can not stop either ….

Published by Sakshi Tiwari

This is Anshika and Sakshi (age 15) starting our blog related to a world we dream of making , the aspirations ,confusions , problems , questions and solutions of young minds like us .

19 thoughts on “Career Tension ….

  1. I am in my early 20s and my only advice will be let it go. When you worry too much it never helps.
    You have written it so well. Impressed by your skills ❀
    Do read my blog too. I have recently written an article on competitive friendship. And many other blogs about anxiety, happiness, lockdown and college life. Drop your like / comment or even follow back if you wish too.

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  2. Well I think you are facing such problem because probably you are trying to think it this way- what I want to become/ what would I do in the future, just for the sake of thinking and just for deciding your future. You aren’t actually and you won’t be able to decide it ever. I guess the reason behind this is that you’ve never daydreamed and if yes also then not the right way. Try to imagine yourself.. try to think, idealise a fantasy and work on it. Do this at least once if not twice(don’t do it too much or you’ll be addicted to it). You will slowly realise that your mind is actually inclining towards a particular image of yours. Your brain is imagining yourself to be a particular entity or something else. Then you’ll realise that yes that’s the thing I would like to become and omg that’s really awesome I will do this.
    Your confusion still might not end but it will surely give a little idea about your goal.

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    1. I will surely try to know myself better, I’m trying to untangle the pieces in my brain. And I want to fantasise the future but live in the moment. By worrying my head off about what will happen I’m ruining the present. I don’t know what life beholds, so I’ll just look for opportunities… fingers crossed and not loose hope. Thank you so much for your soft and kind words. It really made my day.

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  3. Seems like I’m a bit late for the comment, but ,yes anshika and sakshi………this is one of the most crucial and confusing times of our lives…..and happily saying….your blog gives me positivity and encouragement to sail through it..

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    1. Indeed this time is worth a lot and we need to keep going on. Against all the odds and logics we should not loose hope. Hope is stronger than any fears out there. And you know they say, we should not wait for the storm to pass but learn how to dance in the rain. Thank you for reading and appreciating our words 😊 …..

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  4. I thought I knew what I wanted to do when I left high school, but it changed as I went through life. Careers change as you go through life. Do not worry, someday you will find your way and all that happened before prepare you for it.

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    1. Thank you so much! Yes, choices change and people grow. Worrying won’t make any difference, but contribute to stress πŸ˜‰ Now I realise that I don’t need to look for that perfect ‘final destination’, it’s all about the journey at the end. Who knows how many cuts and crosses and turns there will be in the path, I want to live it. I need to be in the right mind and look for opportunities around myself. You brought a smile on my face, thank you for existing …..

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  5. I struggled a lot with what I wanted to do in my high school/college years. There are so many potential paths out there and it’s frightening to think at some point you have to narrow it down to one. I’m sorry you’ve been experiencing pressure to know what path lies in your future. It’s a hard enough decision without someone rushing you. Take your time, and I hope those in your life will give you the space and time to figure it out in your own way.

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  6. Ya that’s true and even at times we feel clueless as if not knowing the unknown is a crime . I keep feeling , what if I could invest my time in some other subject else and will maybe better off at it …and loootss of confusion …soo comments please

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    1. See you’ll never know unless you try and that’s the undeniable truth. I hope what you are investing your time in right now will bring you satisfaction and relief someday. The present , the moment you are in right now reading this is when you can do something. The future is also unknown. It’s never too late. I see your deep interests in psychology and literature. It’s not too late. I’ve always told you that you have such beautiful interests but we are just afraid of failure 😢. If you are not feeling like yourself and truly believe that another subject might just be your piece of cake then go for it babe. I don’t really feel any such interests in anything but you do. I hope you know what you are doing and if you don’t than just fluffy change for the better, your better, it will make the surroundings and everything else better too. Believe in yourself. You’ve told me that you find great scope in what you’re studying. You know what I mean. But I see the scope in your eyes for the purpose you believe in and I think in a long run when you’ll look back and see yourself taking the steps for your interests, that’ll make you praise the person you’d be that day. Seeing the conditions people suffer from right now, mental illness will be like flies, penetrating in every corner with stagnant water. You’re awesome and I’ll always be there. I promise.

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