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Project ; Semicolon


I came across this  beautiful semicolon ; tatoo while surfing through my Pinterest feeds , but what caught my eye was a caption below it ,


Now my curiosity perked up and I surfed through links and struck this wonderful idea , project related to suicide prevention and mental health  Project Semicolon .


I thought a lot about how a simple Semicolon can send such a deep message , can give such sudden hope in dark . It gives you choice and power . Choice to continue the battle and win it and power to make that choice. It gives you authority of your own life , it’s your life , you can change it , go on and face it , give a tough battle and win. Didn’t the little Semicolon just fill you with huge hope , so you can do much greater things. Live to experience all the joy , the sorrow , the pains and triumphs . Whenever you feel like giving up , giving up that struggle , that dream or even life , remind yourself with this semicolon that you could’ve ended it a long time ago but you chose not to for that one hope , loved one , wish and more than anything yourself . You chose not to give up on yourself ; not just yet .

I had been procrastinating for a long time. It has been more than a month since I did any post , although I had found it in mid May . I thought of giving up blogging thinking that I am not up to it , but then I sawagain . What I think when about to give up on life and stuggle , when I feel useless and like I can never do anything is that ain’t failure a part of learning . If we already knew everything why would we explore . If I knew how to do it , what’s the point of learning . Isn’t Life like that too ? We go on exploring all corners of it , the happy moments , the sad ones , the hard to forget ones , parting from loved ones and coming to love a person who we met a few months ago , going through the highs and the lows but still going . Going on to explore the hidden mysterious caves .

At last the purpose of sharing this with you all was to tell you to remember , remember that unknown are not known by anyone , they can’t be. Nobody can see the future, but we can keep moving forward to discover . We can continue the journey till the end; when we could have chosen not to .


10 thoughts on “Project ; Semicolon

    1. Thank you so much cerid. You have always been a motivation for both of us to write and continue the blog . Thank you soo much for the support . Really really means a lot 😊😊😍

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  1. I enjoyed the concept of the semicolon before I encountered the project; I love how someone changed this quirky punctuation mark into a source of inspiration. I know several people with semicolon tattoos. These are the most creative I have seen, though. Thank you for sharing!

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