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We Are Back

(Source : Pinterest : MISSED THIS BLOG SO MUCH

More than 1.5 years have passed since our last post. I don’t know how many of you are still subscribed to us. Did you wonder why we were gone? We started this when we were 15. Honestly thought about deleting some old posts but stopped because they are a part of us. And they are great from my or sakshi’s 15, 16 or 17 year old selves. Now we are both 18. Out of school , about to start college , massive changes await us.

I can never stop thinking about this piece I found on pinterest and it taught me so much about life which i never thought before.

Well I went off topic. So the reason we disappeared was this huge thing in every Indian student’s life ever , called Board exams and the entrances for colleges. But these were not the only things. 2021 started on a fine note. Schools opened a bit in February and March after a whole year of lockdown. We even gave our previous year’s finals. But then things went downhill with the devastating 2nd wave. I don’t recall much of April, May and June, so great was the shock, grief and fear of seeing people loose fights all around us. We pulled ourselves up just enough to not go insane, I dare say one of the toughest year’s of our lives. Sakshi struggled with her own issues and sanity too. Many times I did open the blog, typed the heading but then deleted the draft because words failed me in expressing everything that happened.

Courage isn’t having the strength to go on – It is going on when you don’t have the strength.

– Napolean Bonaparte

First half of 2022 was spent in exams and entrances and struggling to understand the responsibilities which come with adulting. But 2022 was better. At least for me it was way better than the nightmare of last year. I don’t talk about this beyond people who are really close to me, but not just in COVID I have struggled with my mental health for maybe 4 or 5 years now. I was too young to know how to express myself in the early years but now I have reached the point where looking back I do say I was struggling. 2022 has been in many ways a life changing year. I would love to share more about this in coming days and lots of new posts.

A sneak peek of my growth elements!

The aim of this post is to provide a sincere explanation to our absence. I won’t apologize because I have developed enough self love to accept that it’s okay to prioritize myself enough and know that I did the best I could in the situations I was in. But we did owe an explanation.

So folks we are back. For regular and real now. I have a lot to share. I think we matured a lot these years and would love to share the journeys and not only the ups but the downs, struggles and hardships too. Nightmares are also dreams. Mistakes and hurt teach us a lot. Grief, confusions and doubts are a part of us we can’t really part from. So in this little dreamland, I want to talk about all of it the good, the horrible, the fun and the pain . I do have a strong belief that we are all unique in ourselves but also we are similar to each other in more ways than we know and experience a lot of things which aren’t talked about and make us feel alone, but we aren’t. Hopefully some of you will find pieces of yourselves among us too as we do in you. Lots of love to all.

(Source : Pinterest) Feels like I am finally home.

7 thoughts on “We Are Back

  1. Glad to see you taking this step because I would’ve avoided it for longer if I could but we pulled back here and i’m looking forward to our posts, to witness our growth firsthand and to acknowledge how we have changed. I can only hope we will receive the support we used to that kept us going. Anyways, we are there. And we are back bitches!!! (Ahem I mean guys) ❤️

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