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World Mental Health Day

– OCTOBER 10 – – What is Mental Health? WHO’s (World Health Organization) has the following article named : Mental Health : Strengthening our Response as over view of mental health. I hope all reading this article will also take time to visit the above article to gain and spread awareness. However, I am notContinue reading “World Mental Health Day”


The oldest, shortest words – “Yes” and “No” – are those which require the most thought. – Pythagoras Why is P2 so harsh and apathetic? Incident 1P1. Can I please borrow a pencil ?P2. No. Incident 2P1. Can you please lend me a hand ?P2. No. Incident 3P1. Please let me borrow your car forContinue reading “NO”


I don’t know how many of you suffer from this unsurmountable inner demon called ‘SELF DOUBT’. I have never been without it from start to end. Always so self-conscious, so to me there must be almost no one in the world who hasn’t ever doubted themselves. It is the biggest and most prominent problem betweenContinue reading “SELF DOUBT”


To my most pleasant surprise, Caz from Mental Health 360 nominated the site to yet another fabulous award. Visit her website to get to discover about mental health from this wonderfully experienced and motivating woman as well as coping strategies for a majority of problems. It’s been a real treat to know about her experiencesContinue reading “REAL NEAT BLOGGER AWARD NOMINATION !!”

Project ; Semicolon

I came across this  beautiful semicolon ; tatoo while surfing through my Pinterest feeds , but what caught my eye was a caption below it , ” PROJECT ; SEMICOLON” Now my curiosity perked up and I surfed through links and struck this wonderful idea , project related to suicide prevention and mental health  ProjectContinue reading “Project ; Semicolon”