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At time of this global crisis of COVID19 , it’s a request to all reading this , in all countries Please stay at home .

I can’t emphasis enough but the horrendous fear and horror of what happened to the beautiful country of Italy , it was a place on which I did a school project and was enchanted in an instant. It’s so painful to imagine this hustling – bustling country full of world history , beauty and answers now locked up , sealed and slowly …dying .

Not only Italy , France the country which paved the way and lead world to rise of new liberal movements , countless historic pieces of art , the museum of Louvre , the Eiffel tower and what not … slowly wilting away at the hands of a disease.

The world super power America collapsing. The continuous increase and spread in India . The only way out of the chaos being maintaining distance . Don’t step out .

The continuous messages people of Italy are sending , they can’t emphasize enough that they thought the same things . It didn’t happen all at once . The chaos started with 2 or 4 cases a day to 2000 to 4000 a day now. We have still got time guys . If today we learn from Italy’s mistake , the others still have a chance . It’s a request , for the sake of you , your loved ones , for those around you , for humanity ….please don’t step out untill it’s not a huge emergency . Cause nothing is more important than life , yours and others too.


3 thoughts on “Request

  1. Please do not provide wrong data and statistics in your blog.
    The cases now have reached 92,000 not 400 in Italy.


    1. Sorry sir what I wrote was in a day approximately not exact numbers , it was cases in a day. And I am very well aware of the situation , infact was myself shocked to see that yesterday it rose to 5000 (approx) in a day


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