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Heartfelt thanks to this truly awesome lady, Ceridwen Silverhart from Illuminating the fools mirror for nominating us for the blogger recognition award. She has in store for you awesome revelations and ideas about the ancient myths blended with the modern media and culture. She is such a motivation and has encouraged us throughout our bloggingContinue reading “BLOGGER RECOGNITION AWARD!”

Birthday Questionnaire

My birthday just passed by last week (sweet sixteen to me (。•̀ᴗ-)✧) and I stumbled across a really cool and intriguing idea on Pinterest. I considered it and vowed to do it every year. So this is how it works, I noted down 20 questions and then wrote genuine answers to them from my heart.Continue reading “Birthday Questionnaire”

Inner conscious …..

Life, for one thing is not easy. It was not meant to be easy in the first place. But all the hardships and miseries we face make us stronger. That is what everyone says. Sometimes they break me apart, to the extent that I don’t care about coming back. That black void of beautiful darkness.Continue reading “Inner conscious …..”

Avocations part 2 ….

Here’s like a photo gallery of some of my works. I was not planning to do this but Anshika said I should so here it is. I like to draw and doodle. Many of my inspirations come from Pinterest and youtube and stuff. I really appreciate one artist, Zainab Khan, she also has a youtubeContinue reading “Avocations part 2 ….”

Career Tension ….

Being a teenager I am often shoved in with the fact that I’m growing up and need to endeavour my plans on vicinity of the future. I am expected to have a perfect lifestyle by my parents. You know what I mean and mostly every person’s folks would fancy that. But sometimes when you justContinue reading “Career Tension ….”

The puzzle of procrastination ….

Do you deal with the sin of sloth ??? Procrastination is a challenge that humans have always faced . Struggling, delaying, avoiding and offering excuses on issues that matter is an old habit. It is a state where you act against your better judgement and then find yourself trapped. Almost every person has experienced theContinue reading “The puzzle of procrastination ….”