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Avocations ….

Make time for yourself ….

Things that refresh your mind, creative sense and abilities. To me they are like an escape route from the real world which make me forget all about my worries and miseries. They occupy me during latent time and make the present enjoyable.

It’s rather important to nip some time out of your monotonous day and indulge yourself in a task that makes your mind fresh and active. Something you do for your own mental or physical relief. Whats better than hobbies for this? And they act as a major stress buster because you enjoy doing it and it satisfies the soul. You’ll lack that spark and excitement in your life if you don’t annex one into your crazy life, It’d be like food without salt.

Personally I have many hobbies and I just can not pick one of them as an all time favourite. Some of them: Since an early age I loved to colour in colouring books and draw on the walls, not like I got away with that; lol. I gradually developed a liking to draw, doodle and paint. I always loved to sing, dance and listen to music, music is a real hard passion of mine and in middle school I finally made my shy ass sing in actual competitions in front of real people. Actually in middle school I was introduced to a lot of different things and I’m just stuck with them now, but I love being stuck with them, I took a knack for reading through our library periods at school. Books make me feel safe, it’s as if I’m around books nothing can go wrong. I started playing basketball and was even in the school team. Well anshika is a hot skilled player as well and we had a great summer with lots of tanning. I started exploring the internet back then when like the era of diy had begun I loved to craft different things, looking at a finished piece makes me so so happy. I love collecting rings, as in accessories and keyrings. Lastly my brother introduced me to the world of anime. It’s literally a whole different sphere. I enjoyed watching them and truly have learned so much from them. Now one hobby that I want to include to my lifestyle is gardening. I adore plants but I don’t quite have a place and resources to set up an actual area just for them, I still have a life ahead of me and changes are welcome. Well can food be addressed as a hobby?!

Sad birds still sing ….

Happy is the man who can make living his hobby.

~ George Bernard Shaw

Published by Sakshi Tiwari

This is Anshika and Sakshi (age 15) starting our blog related to a world we dream of making , the aspirations ,confusions , problems , questions and solutions of young minds like us .

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