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The oldest, shortest words – “Yes” and “No” – are those which require the most thought. – Pythagoras Why is P2 so harsh and apathetic? Incident 1P1. Can I please borrow a pencil ?P2. No. Incident 2P1. Can you please lend me a hand ?P2. No. Incident 3P1. Please let me borrow your car forContinue reading “NO”

Avocations part 2 ….

Here’s like a photo gallery of some of my works. I was not planning to do this but Anshika said I should so here it is. I like to draw and doodle. Many of my inspirations come from Pinterest and youtube and stuff. I really appreciate one artist, Zainab Khan, she also has a youtubeContinue reading “Avocations part 2 ….”

Career Tension ….

Being a teenager I am often shoved in with the fact that I’m growing up and need to endeavour my plans on vicinity of the future. I am expected to have a perfect lifestyle by my parents. You know what I mean and mostly every person’s folks would fancy that. But sometimes when you justContinue reading “Career Tension ….”