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My best friends

Books don’t change people ; paragraphs do , sometimes even sentences….

Books don’t just go with you , they take you where you have never been .

Since my kindergarten days I loved books . At that time as I didn’t know how to read much so obviously I preferred picture books . It was not untill fourth standard that I read a proper novel , well kind of , I started reading my brother’s recommended and preserved series of ‘Famous Five’ apart from hundreds of short stories which enchanted me . The next year we started having library periods at school and that introduced to me a vast world of imagination , fiction and motivation.

I am into fiction . Completely . And like thriller and suspense being a huge admirer of Agatha Christie and Dan Brown . Last year I had an unexpected gift from my brother for which I am gonna be thankful for the rest of my life cause he gifted me three of the best books which might have been written till now . They were the classics “the Hobbit ” , ” The Lord Of The Rings ” and my first ever non fiction but the most heart touching ” Tuesday’s with Morrie “.

These books changed my thinking , my life and it was not untill I read them that I understood why we are taught that ” Books are our best friends ” . The enlightenment , happiness , joy , the mix of emotions I experience while reading has made me what I am today .

Another cherry on the top of my newly recovered passion for books was , ” The fault in our stars ” . I never saw it’s movie , it was just recommended by a friend and found it at the book fair. I am told the movie’s awesome but I believe what the book could make you feel , the movie can never achieve .

I wrote this blog today just to present my gratitude to all the writers , the book lovers , the readers for writing such wonderful marvels , for reading them and for passing them on to our generation . I would like to thank them all for giving me my best friends and hope that everyone gets the chance to have their companionship. Cheers to all readers and writers there !!

“Books wash away from soul , the dust of everyday life ”

2 thoughts on “My best friends

  1. Reading fiction is very much like being able to multiple lives in the middle of this one. It’s a great boon to me, since I’ve been curious about “What’s it like to be ____?” for most of my life. I can’t shape-shift in a literal enough way to answer my questions, but reading gives me the next best thing.

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    1. Yup exactly , it’s so awesome to look at things from abundant point of views , live thousands of emotions through mere pieces of paper which are more powerful than sometimes real life

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