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GROW Through What You GO Through …..

“Only you can change your life no one is going to do it for you” ‘Your thoughts are your own gamble and it is your mind who needs to win.’ So when I was little my grandfather used to tell me a story that i wanted to share with you, also anshika had once recitedContinue reading “GROW Through What You GO Through …..”

NOWHERE – “No Where ” or “Now Here”

“It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see.” Through this post I want to share one of the two really eye opening stories which I heard on the radio show that I frequently listen to. It is an incidence of a smart little girl , five or six years in ageContinue reading “NOWHERE – “No Where ” or “Now Here””


“IN A HEALTHY COMPETITION IF WE COMPETE, THEN WE HAVE OUR DEVELOPMENT COMPLETE.” Since ages man has been learning one thing or the other . Learning id essential for the survival of human being. If humans had not learnt anything from their past experiences, it would have been impossible to survive in the modern worldContinue reading “HOW FAR IS COMPETITION NECESSARY IN THE PROCESS OF LEARNING ?”